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Testimonials for Interactive Linear Algebra

"I am a biology researcher in need of a fair understanding of linear algebra in order to perform certain bioinformatic analysis'. Out of many text books approached, the pedagogics and visualizations applied in your book was far superior to other sources. I am eternally grateful for you guys sharing this book. Thanks."
-Reader from Denmark

"I have been penciling through your "Interactive Linear Algebra" and have found it very well done and enlightening."
-Reader from California

"The textbook is actually amazing and from god himself."
-Reader from Georgia Tech

"I wanted to write a quick note to thank you for writing a book on interactive linear algebra and more importantly for putting it out there. There is understanding a concept and then there is appreciating it. Your book was crucial towards the latter, more specifically in the area of quantum computing, which relies heavily on linear algebra... I am only halfway through the book and I have no reason to believe I will feel any differently by the time I am done devouring what it has to offer. In the meantime, I couldn't help but share my enthusiasm for your work in this regard! Thank you."
-Reader from Rochester

"Thank you all for creating and sharing Interactive Linear Algebra. I relied heavily on your textbook to review for a graduate program. It's been almost 20 years since I took Linear Algebra. It was difficult for me at that time, so I was delighted to find a clear, interactive text that I enjoyed exploring. The geometric perspective was incredibly helpful for me. Open resources such as yours make mathematics more accessible and I am very grateful."

" Just wanted to say thanks for creating (and making available as a PDF) your Interactive Linear Algebra work. As a connoisseur of fine technical writing (read: hypercritical PITA), I have to say yours stands well above many of the papers I’ve been reading recently... [I] find your text eminently readable and clear."
-Reader from Notre Dame

"I came across the Interactive Linear Algebra book in Libretext website. It is wonderful and I really like it."
-Reader from California

"I just read through your interactive textbook, and found it incredibly impressive. The exposition is very clear and the interactive examples are just fabulous! I've taught linear algebra for over 30 years... and these examples get at all of the kinds of things I try to show statically on a blackboard. I'm really impressed and excited by this work!"
-Reader from Pennsylvania

"I am reading your linear algebra textbook for fun and personal enrichment. I studied linear algebra in college over 20 years ago, and despite being a strong math student hence far, struggled to grasp the point of the subject, in the face of the high preponderance of definition and proof, which was uncharacteristic of my own experience and expectation of math...Throughout the years, I have tried to learn the subject properly in my own time and repeatedly, have been frustrated by the available textbooks, until I stumbled upon yours. Thank you for making a highly accessible textbook that prioritizes conceptual understanding!"

"I wanted to reach out to give a huge thank you to both of you. I am a 19 year old undergraduate Physics/Astronomy student and my linear algebra class used your textbook - ILA. It was, without a doubt, the best textbook I have ever read. It was intuitive, it was understandable, it felt like I wrote it. I have never been able to understand a math textbook better, I almost cried because this whole time I have felt dumb -- turns out I just wasn't understanding the textbooks I was reading. Thank you both so much, you two are wonderful people. Please continue teaching and writing, you have unbelievable talent. "
-Reader from Rowan University

"Recently I was studying your interactive Linear Algebra book. It is very helpful especially to envision the subjects of linear algebra geometrically... Thank you for your kind response and for your efforts to create such a wonderful book."
-Reader from Turkey

" I am contacting you to ask for your permission to use the beautiful interactive demos you have produced in the Interactive Linear Algebra project to support my course. I believe the demos will be extremely useful to my students, and even though I am sure you must have heard this numerous times, I would like to take the opportunity to express my deep gratitude for this amazing effort of yours. "
-Reader from American University of Beirut, campus in Paphos, Cyprus

"I had the pleasure to read your online linear algebra book. Great great resource!"
-Reader from Miami

"I am a big fan of your interactive linear algebra book... This is a great resource and I am really grateful for it. "
-Reader from Toronto